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2020 Pallas Zeitgeist women's flagship powder snowboard

Pallas Snowboards

Zeitgeist snowboard

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The snow is your canvas and you are the artiste. The skilled craftsperson with a creative eye for seeing the mountain a little differently, a little more colorfully than the rest. Reach for the Zeitgeist snowboard for its bold, original style and unleash your heart upon winter. Wide, sweeping turns will have you floating effortlessly across the mountain’s canvas, but it’s your silky smooth and steady signature that leaves the deepest impression.


  • Wide nose keeps front foot above the snow.
  • Short, tapered micro-swallowtail drops back foot in powder.
  • Shallow sidecut initiates broad, surfy turns.
  • Built for powder, rips on groomers.
  • Size down 3-4 cm.




      Powder, groomers
      Progressive medium
      Camber profile

      Nose: Early rise
      Front foot: Flat
      Waist: Flat
      Back foot: Camber


      Size (cm) 151
      Running length 114.2
      Sidecut 785
      Nose length 24.4
      Tail length 12.6
      Nose width 30.5
      Tail width 27.7
      Waist width 24.9
      Stance setback 7


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